How many participants will be attending the BYM 2022 trip?

There will be 75 travelers including staff and alumni participating in the Belen Youth Missions trip.

How many chaperones will attend the BYM 2022 trip?

The group will be led by Fr. Willie and other Belen alumni.

What are the costs associated with the trip?

There are several. The initial payment paid per participant is $900 to cover the cost of airfare and certain material. In addition to that, each participant has been asked to fundraise a minimum of $900. That money will be used to cover the cost of food, internal transportation, and the project itself. Additionally, in-kind donations are sought after to help offset costs.

I can't make a monetary donation but I want to help with the Mission Trip... what can I do?

Unfortunately due to the many obstacles created by the pandemic, we will not be collecting items to take to the D.R. Only monetary donations are being accepted. 

How can students fundraise the $900?

Students are encouraged to use their personal fundraising page to email friends and family, they are encouraged to share the link to their personal fundraising page via social media. Additionally, students can organize car washes, fundraising nights at area restaurants (Apizza Brooklyn, PDQ Miami, Chile's, Chicberry Frozen Yogurt, just to name a few) and appeal to people at their parishes.