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Robert Curbelo III " Give, but give until it hurts. ― Mother Teresa "
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My name is Robert, and i need your help. See if I'm not on the baseball field, or out doing community service is always helping out people in need. This summer i want to go to the D.R to help build a bridge for our lesser brothers who need help in this Belen Youth Missions Trip or BYM. Though if I'm gonna get there and help them I'm gonna need your help to get me there. So I asked you to donate as much as you can donate (if you have money to spare), anything will do. I thank you for your donations, prayers, and thoughts. Let's make this world a better place on step at a time.

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Robert Curbelo Jr Amount: $ 1000 Date Received: 05/15/2018
Pedro Adrian Amount: $ 532.14 Date Received: 05/4/2018
Maria Jose Hernandez Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 05/1/2018
Luis Aparicio Amount: $ 266.46 Date Received: 04/19/2018
"Luis & Emily and of course our parents wish you a successful mission we are all praying for you have a great trip "
Sara Manrique Amount: $ 150 Date Received: 04/18/2018
"That will be an unforgettable experience"
Gladys Alvarez Amount: $ 27.37 Date Received: 04/18/2018
"Que Dios te proteja y los acompañéis a todo el groupo."
Frank Mata Amount: $ 107.06 Date Received: 04/18/2018
VIvian Quintero Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 04/17/2018
"Have a great time😄"
Cari Curbelo Amount: $ 27.37 Date Received: 04/17/2018
"One step closer!"
Michael Fernandez Amount: $ 25 Date Received: 04/17/2018
"There is nothing impossible to him who will try."