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Nicholas Casariego " “I love it when people doubt me. It makes me work harder to prove them wrong”- Derek Jeter "
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Anonymous Amount: $ 10 Date Received: 03/23/2018
Amy MartineZ Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 03/21/2018
" May the Lord watch over you while you do his work "
Alejandro And Gabriel Pardo Amount: $ 107.06 Date Received: 03/20/2018
"MEN FOR OTHERS , best of luck !!! "
Jessica Castillo Amount: $ 53.93 Date Received: 03/16/2018
"This will be an amazing experience!"
Tomas Perez Amount: $ 107.06 Date Received: 03/16/2018
Gloria Morales Amount: $ 16.75 Date Received: 03/14/2018
"Nick, I acknowledge you for taking on this project. Go build that bridge with love."
Karen Visconti Amount: $ 53.93 Date Received: 03/14/2018
"Your desire to help others is wonderful. Best of luck with this endeavor. "
Amy Desperito Fuentes Amount: $ 107.06 Date Received: 03/13/2018
"Go build it Nick. So proud of this mission and your dedication to life. Love you honey"
Maria A. Gomez Amount: $ 100 Date Received: 03/12/2018
"Way to go Nick. This will be the experience of a lifetime. Proud of you. Love, Gomi's mom."
Grace Zumpano Amount: $ 160.2 Date Received: 03/12/2018
"Wishing you the best while you serve others. It’s a great experience."
Ian O’Flaherty Amount: $ 53.93 Date Received: 03/11/2018
"👍 Good luck with this, it’s a great experience. Luke did it last year, and Brendan will do it next year. "
Susie Codispoti Amount: $ 107.06 Date Received: 03/11/2018
"Enjoy the experience!!"
Ivette Quintana Amount: $ 22.05 Date Received: 03/11/2018
"Best of Luck, It will continue to strengthen your "Men for others" life journey.. Awesome experience Go Wolverines Dance Lots of Salsa and Bachata"
Zuleika Rosales Amount: $ 53.93 Date Received: 03/11/2018